The Runway

Michigan's Premier Fashion Incubator

The Runway helps fashion designers create a foundation for their business and provides them with the resources needed to produce their collections and ultimately move their product to market. 


We accomplish this by providing our Designers-In-Residence with industry expertise, business plan development, an inspiring/ collaborative work space featuring state of the art equipment - and that is just the beginning. 


Think it can't be done in Michigan... Think again. The Runway and its designers are out to prove that you do not have to live in NYC in order to make your dreams come true. We aim to set our own industry standard, and to show the world that not only can this state create award-winning cars, but we can also make the outfits to match. 


We are now accepting submissions from Michigan-based fashion designers, in all categories, for residency.


The Runway, Michigan's premier Fashion Incubator, provides designers with the resources and guidance they need in order to successfully create or enhance their brand.  We bring together the experts and the tools designers need to provide a solid foundation for their business to grow and achieve long-term success.

Featured below are both Designer-In-Residence and Associate Designer memberships. The Designer-In-Residence (DIR) level has space for up to 12 designers at a time. Our Associate Designer membership is great for those just getting started in the fashion industry or those who already have an established brand, but need access to equipment, software and/or consultation.  

We are actively seeking designers of all types and genres to join.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us - 

The Runway’s Designer-In-Residence has been created to provide a robust platform to assist fashion designers (and fashion-related businesses) with a wide array of services, equipment and consultation, with the intent to help them build a solid business foundation to achieve long term success. This was developed with the assistance of fashion industry experts, university faculty and business leaders, to provide the best practices and resources for our Designers-In-Residence (DIR).

12 Private Studio Spaces with full Runway amenities and resources listed below:

Incubator Space

  • Private office space with basic furniture (listed below)
  • Free wireless internet
  •  24/7 access to facility
  • Mailing address at facility
  • Kitchen with small break room
  • Shared work space with industry equipment, software and technology
    • (listed below in Equipment section)
  • Access to consultation room for client meetings, presentations and fitting
  • Access to host events at our facility

Business Consultation and Support

  •  Access to assistance with business and marketing plan development (in partnership with SBDC)
  • Legal guidance and business formulation (in partnership with Foster Swift Law Firm)
  • Access to fashion industry experts for guidance and mentoring
  • Seminars and workshops at facility
  • Access to network of business funding and financing opportunities

Marketing Consultation and Support

  • Branding support
  • Help with forming basic website
  • Press and media opportunities
  • Promotion through The Runway’s social media sites
  • Business information featured on The Runway’s website under our DIR information page

Manufacturing Consultation and Support

Access to:

  • Assistance in sourcing fabric and materials
  • Assistance in product line development
  • Assistance in seeking qualified manufacturers for producing product line

Sales Consultation and Support

Access to:

  • Assistance in developing look books and sales materials
  • Assistance in determining best distribution sales channels
  • Assistance in networking with buyers and store owners
  • Assistance in attending industry trade shows
  • Assistance in distribution and fulfillment

Private Studio / Office Space Includes

Basic office furniture

  • Rectangular Desk
  • Corner Computer Desk
  • Desk Chair

Signage and Logos

DIR may have company names and logos displayed outside of their offices, given the signs and logos adhere to standard placard sizes and design standards of The Runway. 

Mail Room and Copier Services

Mail, fax, printing, scanning, and basic copier services will be provided to designers of The Runway. Mail will be delivered to designer’s offices and picked up for mailing. Nominal print and copy charges apply.

Access to the Facility

Access to The Runway’s facility is limited after normal business hours in order to ensure security.  A key fob is required to gain entry into the building after normal business hours and on the weekends. Key fobs can be purchased directly for a fee.

The Associate Designer is a cost effective program that allows fashion design entrepreneurs the ability to access select resources and equipment provided by The Runway incubator to help develop their fashion-related business.

Rate $100 per month.

Services Offered to Designers in the Associate Designer Program

  • Access to shared work space, equipment and software (by appointment)
  • Free wireless internet
  • 24/7 access to the facility (must purchase key fob from Runway staff)
  • Access to The Runway’s seminars and workshops
  • Two free hours of business consultation and planning per month with Runway staff
  • Name and business information featured on The Runway’s website under our Associate Designer information page
  • Access to The Runway’s industry connections and experts


The Shared Production Space is a state of art work space that features some of the fashion industry’s best equipment, technology and software. This space was created to allow the designers enlisted in either our Designer-In-Residence or Associate Designer Programs to produce quality patterns, samples, collections and customized items for their brand and individual clients. 


Industrial Sewing Machines

  • (4) MITSUBISHI Straight Stitch Sewing Machines
  • PEGASUS Cover Stitch Sewing Machine
  • JUKI 6714 4-Thread Serger Sewing Machine
  • JUKI 6716 5-Thread Serger Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Machines

  • JANOME Heavy Duty Sewing Machine - with various stitch setting

Professional Dress Forms

  • Women’s Dress Form w/ legs - Size 6 [with collapsible shoulders] 
  • Women’s Half Body Dress Form - Size 4 [with collapsible shoulders]
  • Women's Half Body Dress Form - Size 8 [with collapsible shoulders]
  • Men’s Half Body Dress Form - Size 40
  • Men’s Full Body Dress Form - Size 40
  • Men's Adjustable Size Half Body Dress Form 

Cutting Tables and Tools

  • 5’ x 8’ Cutting Tables
  • ALVIN 4’ x 8’ Cutting Mat
  • Professional pressing tables with gravity fed, steam irons
  • An array of rulers, cutting tools, notions, scissors, pins, etc. 


  • CALCOMP Digitizer with 16-button cursor 36” x 48”
  • VELOCITY 1800CZ Plotter – 72” Wide Format Printer
  • 21" MAC Desktop
  • 23" HP - PC Desktop


  • ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere, etc. 
  • OPTITEX - Pattern Development Software


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